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Garnet Zimmerman.
GZ Mediation inc.
#6 5688 -152 Street
Surrey, BC V3S 3K2
Tel: 604-813-2870
Fax: 778-574-0144
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Mediation services Rates

Please call for details @ 604-813-2870.

»There will be a four hour minimum charge for in person negotiation or mediation services.

»Conference calls, reviewing materials, and preparation time will be charged an hourly rate.

»No charge for travel time in the Lower Mainland.

»Cost for facilities, catering, airfare, meals for out of town travel will be billed as incurred.

»Cancellation fee: $400.00 one week or less, prior to scheduled meeting.

»Payment Invoice terms: 30 days net.

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  • Vince Ready, Labour Arbitration and Mediation Services Ltd

    I have worked with Garnet for several years and have found him to be a competent and credible negotiator, always acting in a professional manner.
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  • Jennifer Kalmar, CFAU

    ...In 2001, he negotiated a merger Collective Agreement that brought the best wages, working conditions and benefits to our members to date.....I highly recommend Garnet if you are seeking a skilled negotiator that listens to his committee and respects their direction.....It is obvious that he is a skilled strategist who understands and thrives on the negotiation process.

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  • David Lynn, Sun-Rype was clear that your combination of experience, patience and people skills made you the ideal person to negotiate on behalf of the company....the other members of the company bargaining team spoke very highly of your leadership, perseverance and ability to find creative solutions to bargaining challenges...

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